Golf in the Shoes you Wore to the Course.

Meet the patent pending, first boat shoe in golf by Canoos. Dozens of tweaks from that of a traditional boat shoe for comfort, performance and personality.


We started building the Canoos prototype in the spring of 2009, and strived to make a traditional, casual boat shoe into a performance ready, bona-fide on course shoe option for players of all levels.

The design took over 4 years to perfect, source and bring to market. Canoos promises to its customers, partners and friends to never stop innovating. This spirit will enable us to always be studying what our players need, and to continue to create the future of golf footwear.

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To understand where we’re going, we want to show you where we came from. Inspired by New England, rustic, coastal golf heritage, we married the two things that we love. Being on the water, and golf. The future of Canoos will keep the same rustic, authentic nature, and build shoes that adhere to this lifestyle.


The next generation of Canoos, is a commitment to making a line of shoes in Maine. The heritage, history, talent and passion around shoemaking in Maine dates back generations to the mid 1800’s. We are committed to bringing back American manufacturing, and celebrating the history of this bygone craft.

Every Canoos shoe is hand sewn on the last by a human, not a machine. These artisans are revered and every pair is bespoke based on hundreds of years of shoe cobbling experience.


Ladies have been missing out in the golf shoe market. What shoe makers have been missing, is that the shoe shouldn’t be the focus in a ladies golf outfit. We know, because we took the time to ask ladies what they want in a shoe.

Our lady members enjoy the simplicity, the muted tones and the comfort of our First Generation Canoos Ladies Shoe. The perfect shoe to match any preppy lady’s golf outfit.


Canoos founders Matt, Josh and Kyle would like to deeply thank everyone involved with this company for their patience, inspiration, creative ideas and their spirit. It is truly humbling to be able to do what you love and having such a great ecosystem of support around us. Cheers to all who have helped found this brand, you are as instrumental to Canoos as the founders themselves.

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